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I went to the Home and School meeting tonight. It wasn't anything like I thought it would be. Including the principal, a teacher, the chair, and two people who were leaving, there were eight people. Apparently it was a good turnout compared to other meetings. There was no hiding in the back row and texting my friends.

Being the first meeting of the year one of the orders of business was to fill the positions in student council.

Being that there were only five people there who could take positions, and there were four positions to fill, there was a certain amount of pressure for us to take a position. I felt a little bit like picking up my stuff and running for the door, leaping over tables and chairs on my way out, except that I'll likely bump into the majority of those people tomorrow morning, and each school day from now until June 2020. I'm actually debating volunteering for the treasurer job.

Reasons why not? Well, not actually finishing anything on my to-do lists at home ever comes to mind. Busy? Maybe. Lazy? Meh, probably. Procrastinator extraordinaire? Uh, yeah.

Reasons why maybe? Well, I've got four kids who are going to to through that school. Being part of the committee would give me a good insight into some of the workings of the school, fundraisers, events, etc.

Why not? I think there would be a lot of work with a lot of events. I do have my hands kind of full already. Not that I'd have to volunteer to take huge roles in everything all the time.

Why maybe? Someday I want to look for a teaching job. Being out of the field for years may hinder my job search efforts. Being a part of school committee in some capacity might help to show an active role and interest in school and school functions in my future resume and portfolio.

Who knows. I have a few weeks to think about it before the next meeting. They were hoping to fill the positions tonight, but nobody jumped on them so it's being left until the next meeting.

And no, accepting a position would not require that I start hot rollering my hair and putting on full makeup before dropping my kids off for school in the morning.

Thoughts? And be honest.


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