'twas the night before school

On Jordan's first day of kindergarten I forgot to send her a snack. She didn't forget it all year that on the first day of school she was the one kid with no snack. Although her teacher assures me that there were lots of kids with no snack, that's not how Jordan remembers it.

Tomorrow is the first day of Grade 1. I feel like such a newbie. I think I have more Grade 1 jitters than Jordan does. She's over the moon about starting grade 1 tomorrow. I worry. Will she be sad when she walks into the classroom only to remember that her closest friends aren't with her this year? Will she make new friends? Will the kids be nice to her? Will her teacher like her? Will she secretly hate school and not tell me?

More importantly, right now, in this moment - how do I pack her lunch?

I know it seems silly, but I'm not sure how much food to send. At home I just let them eat until they stop. So far, my plan for Jordan's lunch is this:
  • a ham and cucumber sandwich (alas, out of lettuce, or that would be on there too)
  • a carrot
  • a yogurt
  • a boiled egg
There's no treat. When I was a kid we had a wagon wheel or a huge chunk of rice krispie cake or something dessert-like. I'm kind of out of dessert-like stuff. I wonder if she'll notice? I wonder if I should give her part of an aero chocolate bar that's waiting for me in the freezer. It's not something I'd always send, but it's the first day of school after all. Normally I'd consider a granola bar or a pudding to be dessert. Guess I'm off my game. I'm still kind of in denial that summer has come to an end so quickly. She may end up with some chocolate bar.

I have to make up for the epic first day of kindergarten.

Any thoughts? I don't want her to have too little food, and yet I don't want her to have to load her lunch box into a wagon and heave it to school either.

I am kind of impressed with myself for including all four food groups.

I wonder if they'll have a snack in the morning. Maybe I'll add an apple in there. I just asked her if they were going to have snack time in the morning. She asked for either a granola bar or a pudding. Crap, I have neither.

Worst. Mother. Ever.

Sigh. I'll be putting in that chocolate bar for sure.


Anonymous said…
Oh Tiffany, why does it sound so complicated? Yes, they do get to have a snack at morning recess. But I've never included anything extra for the snack, she just eats an item from her lunch. Fruit is always a favourite with lunch, I try to keep some on hand.

Who is the teacher by the way?

~Sharon Wiebe
Sonya said…
I'm with you on the lunch wagon. I've been scouring the web for ideas (and hopefully will do a post about it soon cause it's always fun to share ideas). What about some unbaked cookies? Puffed wheat cake? Oreos?
I'm not sure about the amount of food to include either. I figure I'll pack something for morning and afternoon snack, plus a sandwich and maybe another item or two. Then see how much comes home. Dillon eats all day long, so it's a tough call!
Anonymous said…
Better to pack too much than not enough! They get extremely hungry being at school all day. My kids eat non stop however.....You know my kids don't like a lot of different things so basically they eat fruit snacks and granola bars. Grandma sent cookies and some other homemade baking home with us. However, with the allergies that can cross off granola bars and homemade baking so I am left with fruit snacks for the one kid. Not much variety! lol
Tiffany said…
I'm going to assume "Anonymouse" is Terra?

Anyway, I ended up packing her a ham sandwich, a cucumber, a carrot, a boiled egg, a piece of chocolate, a yogurt and half an orange.

She ate it all. And nope, not going to make it any bigger - that seems like more than enough to me!

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