slacking, slacking, injuries, and more excuses

I've been slacking in so so many areas. I do have many many excuses, uh, reasons to go along with the major slacking.

S - My house is a mess. It really is. I have this nifty schedule of all the chores I'm going to do each day of the week. If I keep up on the list, it keeps the must-do weekly chores down to about an hour a day. Not bad eh? Of course that doesn't include laundry, toys, etc. It's stuff like bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the fridge and kitchen sink, etc. Anyone who has been in my house lately knows what I'm talking about. Thankfully my friends are kind enough to pretend that my house isn't that bad.

R - Kids, four of them. Some days they feel like eight. Especially that one. You know who you are kid who feels like eight kids. I'm constantly trying to pawn him off on unsuspecting friends and family members, but nobody will take him. In real life - I adore that kid, even when he makes me want to pull my hair out by the roots. He threatens to grow up and move to China sometimes, when I make him want to pull his hair out by their itty bitty roots. Then I think about him growing up and moving to China and it makes me sad, because he's growing up so fast, and China isn't that far away anymore.

R - I'm so freaking tired. I'm actually starting to wonder if there's more of a reason than exercising (which is supposed to give you more energy, right?) and kids. The doctor actually once write a lab req for me to go and have blood work done, and check my thyroid, but then I kind of forgot about it, and lost the paper. My doctor moved away now, and I'm not even sure who my new doctor is. Whatever. Who moves away when there are patients to consider? Maybe I should just drink more coke.

S - Exercise has gone by the wayside. I just. Don't. Feel. Like. It. These days.

R - I've gained back a few pounds. Way to heavy for exercising. It's not my fault. Probably some medical reason for gaining back those 7 (now that I re-lost 3) pounds. I'd go for blood work if I didn't think that they'd tell me there was nothing wrong and I'd just have to face reality and recognise that I suck. I hate sucking.

Interesting aside (to me anyway) - the other day, in the shower I wondered to myself whether my friends and family would break it to me if I had multiple personality disorder. This posed a few questions: (1) maybe the personality that I am right now is just too scatterbrained to remember that I have this disorder, (2) whether I could remember actual chunks of time that I couldn't account for - this sort of stuff happens all the time, actually. I don't remember what I had for breakfast this morning. Maybe Mabel ate breakfast in lieu of me, (3) why the heck Steven would leave me with the kids, knowing that I had this disorder (4) if in fact the other versions of myself were better mothers (5) I totally had a 5th. I just can't remember it right now.

Do you suppose I have multiple blogs I just don't know about?

Tonight I was actually doing a little work in the flower beds, and I went to move a plant from one to another bed, and as I was walking over the driveway I stepped funny on the side slope of the driveway and turned my foot right sideways. It freakin' hurt!! Now the top of my foot hurts, and there's a distinct painful section across the bottom too. So much for that run tomorrow morning.

S - My flower beds are ridiculous. Don't even pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

R - There are so many weeds and so much grass in them that it would take me hours and hours to thin it out. Who has hours and hours? Not me. I pulled a bit of grass out tonight, for the first time this year. I should take a picture.

S - I've been watching way too much tv lately.

R - I run around in the mornings to the park, play dates, etc. and by the afternoon I'm wiped. I get the kids to watch a movie and put the younger ones to bed and then I nap on the couch.

S - My supper menu really sucks lately.

R - See above. Napping.


quinnandlyla said…
WOMAN! cousin recently said on FB how us women need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our fam. So true. I've been putting off some ailments too, got appt's now, gonna go make sure i'm not dying :) (back pain). Anyway, you need to go get that blood work done. Also, thyroid issues after having babies happen more frequently than most woman know. So get that checked. GO!
Tiffany said…
It's not my fault! Okay, maybe it is. I didn't go, and now I don't know where that paper is, and now my doctor moved away! I don't even know who my doc is right now. I should probably check though, with the absolute loss of energy and motivation (which doesn't help with the weight) I should probably just chat with a doctor and make sure it's not just because I'm not getting enough sleep - which it could also be.

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