We took the kids strawberry picking today. It was fun. The kids only moved one marker when we weren't looking, and they only ate a strawberry or two (ha!) and they only permanently stained six outfits.

I wish I'd have remembered my camera, their joy at strawberry picking was awesome.

I managed to get two of the four buckets cleaned and into the freezer tonight. I'll do more tomorrow and leave some in the fridge to eat fresh. Last year the kids were so annoyed when they realized that most of them were squirreled away into the freezer.

I had more to write about this and that, but it's late and I forgot it all the minute I opened this window.

Good night everyone!


Q&L said…
oh fun, i hope i get there this year, i have no plans to yet and my calendar keeps filling up, leaving me without free days. I heard at least one farm had some nice big berries, yum!

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