Mitchie had a seizure again yesterday. It's the second time since September. Actually I don't think it's medically considered a seizure, but when he's convulsing on the couch and not really breathing, and drooling and throwing up and peeing his pants all while being entirely unresponsive and turning blue/grey?

Sure feels like a seizure to me.

I must say, I handled it well. He had gone down for a nap just fine, and when he woke up he joined the rest of us on the loveseat - why the entire family actually lays on the loveseat together, especially since there's a perfectly good full-sized couch just feet away is beyond me. It's nice to be loved.

He joined us on the love seat. Then he decided to lay on top of me, since there wasn't much sitting room left. I noticed that he felt really hot. I rubbed his back, felt his forehead, neck and armpits. The kid was burning up. I detangled myself from the mess of small-to-medium limbs, hands and feet and went into the kitchen for some tylenol. By the time I returned to the living room, tylenol in hand, he was convulsing on the couch. It's a strange and frightening thing. Luckily (or unluckily), I had seen it before, so I knew it wasn't a medical emergency. I called Steven and talked to him while I rolled Mitchell from his front to his side, talking to him even though I knew he wasn't hearing me. He threw up and I moved him away from it so he wouldn't suck it back in. A couple of minutes later he came out of it and cried and cried and shook. Steven was home by then and we put him in a cool bath and gave him his tylenol. After coming out of the tub he began to heat back up again, so I took him to the hospital.

Again, they monitored his temperature, checked his ears and breathing, gave him more meds and did a throat swab and urine test. Nothing specific showed up in the tests, so the doctor figured it was probably viral and suggested trying to keep him cool.

I kind of figured that would happen.

Next time I'll just stay home. I know, I say that now. I hope there won't be a next time. I was really hoping there wouldn't be a this time, but I guess we don't get to decide these things.

Today he's running around, full of piss and vinegar (do people still say that?), and seemingly unaware that he took a few more years of Mommy's life. He's still pretty cooking hot, but a little less so than yesterday, and I've been giving him the maximum doses of tylenol and advil at the proper times to level off his temperature, but otherwise things seem somewhat normal. Jordan feels a little warm this morning too, but since she isn't as affected by these weird medical occurrences I'm just letting her suffer through.

I know, I'm nice like that. She's currently jumping off furniture in the living room, unaware that I can still hear her even if I'm not in the same room.

Little imps.


Q&L said…
Oh Tiffany! so frightening. My cousin warned me about that b4 Caden was born (feeling de ja vu, think we've discussed this b4). She said too, not to freak out, it happens to toddlers with fever sometimes. But I can't imagine not going to the hospital too or at least phoning Health links. Good job keeping him cool, my Uncle and Aunt (pharmacist) always tell me, keep up with the Advil/Tylenol alternating when they have fever (within the limit, like u said), keep it down as much as you can. I haven't had Caden outside much this week, kinda worried about him overheating honestly. Obviously having a fever is different. Go Super Mom!
Tiffany said…
Thanks! I'm hoping these don't continue. Apparently it's more likely in some kids than in others, and Mitchie is definitely my kid that gets hit the hardest with viruses and bugs. The other kids get a sniffle and Mitchie gets the same virus and ends up with fever and convulsions. Poor baby. Next time though I'm seriously not going to run him to the hospital unless there are other symptoms. I think I've learned my lesson! Still sucks though.
Candice said…
Oh Tiffany, how stressful! Poor baby, poor mama!
Sonya said…
Scary stuff! Hope he's alright.

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