white bean puree

Okay, so I made KD, which I threw a couple of handfuls of extra macaroni into, and then when I was mixing it up I added probably a half cup of the pureed beans. The kids had no idea. They devoured it as usual. I could tell it was in there, but probably mostly because I was looking for it. It may have been a little pastier in consistency, but you couldn't taste it. I didn't add any extra cheese (as the cookbook suggested) or anything either. You could add this stuff to anything!!

Then I warmed up Elliot's butternut squash and added a generous tablespoon of the beans to that too. She didn't even flinch. Ate the whole bowl, followed by an entire banana. The kid was born to eat!

I'm getting pretty excited about making up these purees!


Ange said…

I should make some puree to sneak to my kids!
Lora said…
my kid hates KD. HATES. I love it. Especially with broccoli (macaroni and trees) or hotdogs (dogs and logs) cut up in it.

I made those names up when I was a kid, and thought that maybe I could trick him into eating it under a different name. Nope. Boo.

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