i don't know how everyone manages to find 100 things about themselves over and over again!

Because I'm certainly not that interesting. Those lists are fun though. The last one I did ended with my sneaky little pregnancy announcement.

I can do ten things though! Ooh, Ten Things Tuesday!

1. I ate Jordan's snack. She forgot it in the van. It was a banana. There's nothing like a forgotten snack to make a person wish she made her kids way cooler snacks.

2. I visited a friend. My baby left teeth marks in her baby's head. Sorry 'bout that.

3. I made pancakes for lunch.

4. I had a tossed salad (dressing free!) with tuna for supper. Then I accidentally ate the last of the kids' spaghetti and sauce and an ice cream cone.

5. I went to the doctor.

6. I got out of bed just after 5am to walk 3.5 miles.

7. I did not measure my cheerios in a vain attempt to try to fool myself into believing that I wouldn't toss calorie counting out the window by noon. I love me a full bowl of cheerios.

8. I tried really hard not to make fun of Steven's newest ridiculous facial hair "pattern."

9. I watched my youngest/last/littlest baby pull herself fully onto her feet for the first time.

10. I went to bed far later than I had originally planned. In fact, I'm still up.


Steph said…
Love the comment about the teeth marks on the baby's head!! He really does not seem to mind so much that she uses him as a chew toy! LOL
Tiffany said…
You know, I think that throughout history there are many many examples of the crap men will put up with from a cute girl!

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