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Tonight I went to a new fitness class with my three sisters-in-law. It was kickboxing. Well, I think it will be. Today we did a warm up, and then some sets of push-ups, sit-ups, kicking, etc. and counted how many of each we could do in a minute. I'm guessing that we'll do it again on the last class. The class is twice a week for six weeks. I'm looking forward to changing up my routine somewhat. I had a plan to run four days a week. That's turned into one or two, depending on the week. I really don't want to run on the ice, in the dark, in the morning. I had fully intended to go to the indoor track at the PCU centre a couple of evenings a week, but most evenings I just don't feel like it, especially when I already do Zumba once a week, and then I feel a little guilty about ditching Steven multiple evenings on top of that. Zumba ends in two more sessions (tomorrow and next Wednesday), and I might drop in on Saturday mornings instead of Wednesday nights for a while, especially since I'll now be busy on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the next six weeks.

I really can't wait for summer. Then I'll just hit the pavement. I actually enjoyed getting up at 5:30 or 6 last spring and walking in the early morning hours. Those days I'd generally walk 6 miles at a time, at least a few days a week, and a friend and I added a couple more walks in during the evenings. This summer I'm going to run or jog those mornings, and still keep up my walks with the same friend. I don't bother with classes in the summer. The pavement is free, and super convenient you know!

The marathon is a little better than three months away. I'd love to do well that morning, and I'd really love to kick this last ticker in the butt by then too!


Naomi said…
I know what you mean about ditching your hubby in the evenings. As much as you have stuff you really want to do, it's hard enough to get time along without going out all the time hey.

You'll do great at the marathon, I have faith in you.

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