What's new over here you ask? What? You didn't. Whatever. I get it. You googled "incredibly cool Mommy/life/humor/extremely insightful personal opinion blog" and this is what came up. My sincere apologies.

It's been a weird week. I had this weird stomach flu thing that started on Tuesday, eased off Tuesday evening, and then came back with force Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Life is great sometimes. I keep thinking I should put in for sick days, but every time that I get around to looking for that employee handbook that outlines my benefits and how to put in for them I just can't find it.

Maybe if this place wasn't such a mess these days. I have plans to get some spring cleaning done. I'd actually like to purge and clean this whole place before the end of April, have a garage sale at the beginning of May, and then haul whatever is left to MCC.

Steven thinks he wants to clean out the garage and then coat the floor in some cement floor coating stuff for garages. Pretty ambitious for a guy who can't put his own socks in the laundry basket.

Good thing he doesn't read this blog.

Steven's in school right now. I should have posted a before and after pictures of him. He looks a whole lot smarter now ;)

I had this whole train of thought thing going, and then I made a phone call, and now an hour and a half later I realized that I have this post started, but I've lost my momentum.

Happy Friday!


Q&L said…
weird, that stomach flu thing was at our house too, we brought it home from AB...hmmm, odd.
Hes said…
That's hilarious. I actually googled "incredibly cool Mommy/life/humor/extremely insightful personal opinion blog" and your blog link was first on the list.

Way cool...
Tiffany said…
Aha! It really does now! lol

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