things i learned today in high school

  1. If you use dynamite in the water, it'll stun the fish. This actually works. There's a guy in town here who does this.
  2. You can probably blow up a car with only one stick of dynamite.
  3. For only $200 you can get your commercial fireworks license. Then you can get cheap fireworks.
  4. "Toddler sheep" taste better than old sheep.
  5. Switch camels.
  6. Normally hardworking 40S students will accomplish nothing in the presence of a substitute teacher.
  7. Having elastics on your braces should entitle you to a handicap parking tag. It also lables you a cripple.
  8. You can turn your windshield washer fluid in order to squirt the squeegee kids.
  9. Hacking is not that hard. That's why it's so easy.
  10. Using a vacuum cleaner is an acceptable way to put your hair in a ponytail.
  11. Coloring on your peers is a hilarious way to pass the otherwise boring time.
  12. Asking to go to the washroom is code for "can I go wander around the school for 30 minutes?" Also usable - "I left my book in my locker. Can I go get it?"
  13. If you race a train, and go at the last second, you can get the train conductor to use his emergency breaks. This is hilarious and apparently very expensive. If you are going to do this, you should cover your license plate with cardboard first, but only just before you race the train. After all, it is illegal to cover your license plate.
  14. An hour into class it's still hilarious to write all over your peers. The fun never dies.


L.A.Z. said…
what's hacking? like computer hacking?
Anonymous said…
Yep, computer hacking. The funny thing was the way he said it. "Hacking isn't that hard. That's why it's so easy." He was dead serious.

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