six things i did today

Things I did today:
  1. I took the kids tobogganing. 
  2. I got the car hopelessly stuck on top of the snowhill, and had to text my friend to turn around and come back, and when he broke all the ropes in his truck trying to pull me out, had to then call Steven who was really overjoyed to leave work to help dig and tow. The kids thought it was awesome and used the time spent stuck to get back onto the snow hill. 
  3. I made hotdogs and kraft dinner, as per the request of the children. 
  4. I fell asleep on the couch.
  5. I made nachos and cheese for supper.
  6. I am back on the couch, waiting for Jordan and her sleepover friend to go to sleep. I think they are not. Sleeping. Ever.


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