On Tuesday Jordan came home from school, rummaged around in her backpack and said "I want to ask you something, but you'll probably say no."

I hate when they open with that. I assured her that she should probably ask before assuming I'll say no to everything.

She handed me a flyer.

"I want to audition," she said.

I read over the flyer. A million thoughts are running through my head, firstly that she has never really sung in front of anybody before, or acted, or or or.

And then I'm thinking how scary it would be to audition, and what if she messed up, and would she feel bad about herself if she didn't get a part.

But of course as a mother I probably shouldn't suggest things for her to be afraid of, she'll figure out all the things that make her anxious as she carries on through life.

"Do you realize that you'll have to stand in front of the people and sing a song?"

"Yeah," she said.

"And that there are probably going to be lots of kids?"


"And you want to?"


We went online and looked up some Annie songs. She is going to sing Maybe. I figure 98% of the kids will sing Tomorrow so at least this will be a little different.

We downloaded the song and she's been singing along with the music for two days now. I found a piano cover online and it turns out that most of the sheet music is a lot higher than the version she's been singing with. After some tears we decided that she could either sing acapella or I'd bring the music in on my phone (this is allowed).

I'm kind of half expecting her to go tonight and chicken out once she sees everything all set up and waiting, and the people sitting there waiting to listen to her. But if she doesn't, and whether or not she sings well, and whether or not she gets a part, I'll be seriously impressed that she tried.


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