Seriously. I have just written and restarted an opening line for this blog post three times, and each time I've deleted it.

I think I am on autopilot. I have no funny stories. I'm sure you'd love to hear about one of the following:
  • I am so stupid-lazy today it's just, well, stupid.
  • Mitchell and Elliot have a friend over. They are doing little kid stuff. They all like KD.
  • Jordan has piano tonight. 
  • I dreamed last night that I was in London, England, as a formal guest of the king and queen, who I visited while sitting on the counter in their giant en-suite while they soaked together in a bubble bath. 
  • I fed the geckos crickets. Always entertaining. 
  • I haven't seen the dog in a while. He's probably locked in someone's bedroom somewhere.

See what I mean? Nothing that, on its own, is a writeable blog post.

I gots nothin.'


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