New Years Resolutions

I have been hesitating to actually post my resolutions, partly because I am the laziest blogger in the whole wide world, and partly because the resolutions I've come up with are the sort that one thinks she could do in a perfect world.

Anyway, whatever. Here they are:
  1. Run 100 miles each month, all year. For a grand total of 1200 miles run. 
  2. Unplug on Fridays. No computer, no TV (shows, nintendo, etc.) for anyone. The kids are thrilled. I decided to start it after today. You can't yank nintendo on the last day of Christmas holidays, after all. 

That's it.

So far I have not ran at all this year, and we watched movies and played nintendo all day today. But as I said, the first Friday is a gimme. This bodes exceptionally well for the rest of the year!

Happy New Years!


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