She really does dress herself. I have little to do with it. Honest.

This morning Jordan decides to wear a dress. She comes out of her room asking me to button and tie it, looking all cute in her white and purple flowery dress, puffy with layers of crinolin. I then braid her hair and get her all ready for the day. 

Fast forward fifteen minutes to when it's time to leave. Jordan comes to the door and puts on a pair of striped socks and her new jet black Monster High running shoes (more on that later). 

I may have laughed. "Oh Jordan." 

I manage to chase everyone to the van, retrieve the last of my stuff, and then head out to buckle up Elliot and leave. Jordan is looking as stormy as can be. 

"What's the matter?" I ask. 
"I look horrible," she says, sitting there with her pretty puffy dress and her braided blond hair.  
"Nah, you look adorable!" I exclaim, smiling because it is pretty funny. 
"Yeah," she pouts, "but I'm wearing a white dress and black shoes." She glares at me accusingly. 
I laugh. "You put it on!"
"Yeah but I FORGOT I had black shoes! I look horrible!"
"You don't look horrible," I respond. "Just a little funny. It's cute."

What? Multi coloured striped socks pulled up halfway up her calves and flanked by black runners and a frilly dress IS cute, isn't it? 

She makes me laugh. She is awesome. She'll be up a tree in that dress by the end of the day. 


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