more on soccer and shoes

Hey remember that time a week and a half ago when Jordan finally confessed that she lost her second pair of running shoes and left the only pair of shoes she had at school and we didn't let her play soccer because a child cannot (no matter how much she insists she can) play soccer in flip flops?

And remember how I said "I am NOT buying more shoes 18 days from the end of the school year?"

Well, technically I didn't buy her new shoes, although last week when she burst into tears as we were getting ready to leave for soccer because she had again left her shoes at school I may have allowed Steven to buy her new shoes so she wouldn't miss soccer yet again so close to the end of the soccer season.

Guess what happened yesterday.

We were getting ready for soccer, and surprise surprise, who starts crying hysterically because she had left both pairs of shoes at school.

You read that correctly. I was so not impressed. I may have yelled at her in somewhat less than a sweet, motherly way about how I had already bought her a second pair of shoes so that she could play soccer and that there was no way, ever, that she was getting a third pair. Steven, in all his fatherly maturity (someday we're going to win parenting prizes, wait and see) laughed to himself the whole time at the absurdity of the situation.

At that point she only had four days of soccer left, and despite tornado warnings (because yeah, there's going to be a tornado in Portage) soccer was not canceled, and I had already been emailing back and forth with other parents because our coach wasn't coming, and yet other parents didn't want to brave the bright blue, rainless, one-or-two-cloud skies to play soccer, and because I had promised that I'd show if any of them did, I agreed to at least check at the school to see if the doors were open so Jordan could pick up some shoes and we could go to soccer.

Who says a paragraph needs more than one sentence?

The last time we only had one pair of shoes (no wait, the second last time, because the last time Steven ran to Walmart before soccer and bought more shoes) Jordan wailed in the doorway and begged us to take her to the school to get her shoes, and I angrily told her that the school is not open in the evening and refused to take her.

Well guess who's a liar now. The school was open, and although the janitor sat up on the couch (I'm not even kidding) to see who was running through the lobby, there was no issue with picking up her shoes.

And then Jordan kicked the ball and the ball hit some kid in the leg, and that kid wailed in an over-the-top, everybody feel sorry for me way, and that kid's mom ran onto the field to carry her to safety, and Jordan felt bad and it ruined the game for her anyway.

The end.


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