june is crazy

There is so much to blog about, but so little time. Okay, I'd likely have time, but I generally forget or don't feel like it.

We've celebrated two birthday parties already, the kids have had field trips, school swim days, tabloid day, sleepovers, play dates, long afternoons at the park, etc. We've been moving. We also set up a giant pool in the backyard that dictates that if the kids are outside I kind of have to be watching them. Steven threatened them with the loss of anything that might ever cause them to smile again if they so much as dip a toe in that pool when nobody is outside, but in the moment kids don't care about what they might lose later, especially faced with a giant backyard pool.

I am blaming the supervisory needs of the backyard for not getting any housework done. That, and the park. And swim day. And having to keep up with all the other moms who show up at the school anytime any sort of event happens and make the children of moms who don't show up face the realities that their mothers truly don't love them as much as the Jones' kids mom loves her kids.

Anyway, packing for camping. I am loving the summer stuff. If only school would hurry up and let out for the summer. I'd have actually pulled Jordan out of school at noon today until I remembered that she was in Winnipeg on a field trip.

Am I the only one who finds the Children's Museum extremely dull? The last time we were there we looked at everything in about 35 minutes, and then wandered around looking for the "west wing" where all the other exhibits must have been located, because seriously, that couldn't have been all there was to that museum.

The Manitoba Museum is way cooler. So the kids don't get to put their hands under the sheet of pins, and make the pins look like . . . gasp . . . their hands, but there is WAY more to see. My kids could hang out on that boat for hours. Their only complaint would be that they couldn't get a little more hands on.

Ever try telling one of the Verwey kids not to touch anything? Yeah. I bet museums have us red flagged. heh heh heh.

Anyway. Four days and 27 minutes left of school. Woohoo!


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