indoor/outdoor shoes. yay.

Jordan is annoyed (to say the least) because I told her that due to there only being 18 more days of school, her shoes will now be her indoor AND outdoor shoes. This means that she can wear them in the morning, and all day at school, and if it's wet or raining she can wear her rubber boots and carry her shoes to school with her, but that her shoes WILL come home at the end of the day, so that no matter where she is, she will have shoes.

I can't wait to see the faces she makes at me when she is 16, since she has already mastered the teenage Stare of Annoyance. She is seven.

The biggest problem? She can't wear flip flops. Oh well. Maybe if she didn't try so hard to lose things at school she could wear flip flops, and still have two pairs of shoes.

Each time I am in the school I glance through the lost and found, and about half the time (no exaggeration) I pull out her hoodies and sweaters. The kid was born to lose things. If any other kid needs a sweater, all she has to do is follow Jordan around the playground for a few minutes until Jordan undoubtedly takes off her sweater, tosses it in the grass, and immediately forgets about it. For the most part I think I've managed to retrieve all but one of her sweaters. I'm a little sad about the one that got away.

So there. No more flip flops.

I also told her that if her teacher has a problem with it she can tell her that I said that she was to wear them to school, and she'd wear other shoes if it's wet/muddy. If that's not acceptable she can call me.

Because I am NOT buying more shoes 18 days from the end of the school year.

Also, I really wanted to take a picture of Jordan's outfit for you this morning, but she's figured out that it's not because I think it's cute and needs to be immortalized, and she keeps dodging the camera.


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