Sexy time

Tonight for dinner I made chicken fettuccine   Alfredo. We are very fancy. I took a bite of chicken and said "it's hot!"

"What?" Asked Jordan. "What's hot?"

"The chicken!" I said. 

"Oh," she said. "I thought you meant hot S-E-X."

She went back to eating her dinner. Steven looked at me, somewhat concerned. 

"What is that about?" He asked. "Why would she know about hot and sexy?"

I figured she meant "hot" as IN "sexy," but I figured I'd ask. 

"Hey Jordan, what do you know about hot and sexy?"

"Well," she contemplated, "people in my class think that sex is when people kiss each other naked."

We both burst out laughing. Seriously, our kids are never going to want to talk to us about this stuff again. 

"Uh oh," I whispered to steven, "she's getting closer."

"Do you kiss Daddy naked?"

We laughed some more, with the addition of Steven blushing from his toes to the top of his head. I'm thinking that I'll end up being "the talk" parent. 

"That's kind of personal Jordan," said Steven, making me stifle more laughter. 

"Listen," I said, "if you have big kid questions, be sure to ask me. But maybe not in front of the littler kids. And if you hear stuff at school and you want to know, be sure to ask. Again, maybe when it's just you and me." Because hearing a two year old repeat the term "hot sex" was just awesome. 

But not as awesome as Steven blushing into his noodles. 


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