ten random things

A few random things.

1. I have actually managed to run five times in the last two weeks, four of which have been at least five miles in length (the running part. I add some walking before, and after, and maybe a little during, but not until the five mile mark). It's really time to start doing this at least eight times in two weeks, and I must seriously push this up to six right shortly.

2. I went to a tupperware party today. Tupperware is a little like crack. And yes, as I pointed out to a friend today, I most certainly do have a tupperware person, and an epicure person. Who doesn't?

3. Steven felt an immense sense of dread upon finding out that we almost had two dogs the other day. Probably because he knows that if it almost happened once, it's not unlikely that something like scooping up "strays" off peoples doorsteps may not happen for real next time.

4. Four "forbidden flutes of insanity" have become part of our family. They are from Hawaii. They were gifts from Steven's dad and step-mom. Yes, I am sure that they sound beautiful when played by a three hundred pound Hawaiian man, but in my house it sounds like someone jacked my kids up on red bull and set them loose in a recorder shop.

5. Had dinner with my lovely Father-in-Law and Wicked-Step-Mother-In-Law (I wish my title had that many words!) tonight. Note to self: do not actually follow through with plans to cook a turkey when additional plans to attend a tupperware party and not get home until 4:30 are added to the calendar. Supper was late. Tasty, but late. Also, my husband makes a mean corn bread. More also: We still love our evil parents, even with the gift of forbidden flutes of insanity.

6. Tomorrow is a long weekend. Who knew?

7. Apparently, me suggesting on my blog that the kids are filthy from rubbing along the side of the van in an attempt to get in and out of the hoarder garage is a slight falsification. Apparently. It's a total hoarder garage.

8. Steven has a back injury. From sitting. Not from sitting down funny, or from slipping and falling into a sitting position. Just from sitting there. And I thought the finger cracks were a source of grief. Nope.

9. Of everybody I know, that man can take a little teasing in a lot of stride. Love you too honey.

10. I'd go on about the blushing, but that's an entire blog post on its own.


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