I spent the entire day on the couch. Quite literally.

Ellie and Mitchell have the stomach flu, much to their delight and that of everyone around them. Of course I used it as an excuse/reason to cuddle up on the couch with her all day and play Words With Friends on facebook. A friend picked Tennyson up from school and dropped him off here at 11:45. Tennyson and Mitchell just helped themselves to food in the kitchen. I sat on the couch with the laptop, Elliot and a bucket and waited.

The last time she had thrown up was 8am. By 3pm I figured I should probably, maybe clean up the kitchen since she hadn't actually needed the bucket. I started to clean up the breakfast table when Ellie appeared in the doorway and threw up all over the carpet.

This is what happens when one decides to leave the couch. We're now back.


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