Mitchell is the slowest kid in the morning. By slowest, I mean slowest kid EVER.

The other kids and I are already eating or finishing breakfast. Mitchell was in his room getting dressed and making his bed for 30 minutes. Now he's come out. He gets up into his chair and takes a look at a bowl with an apple core in it, dangerously close to his spot, that I just finished eating and says (in the whiniest voice ever) "But I wanted cheerios!"

Of course I answered, with the utmost of motherly maturity, "What? You don't want a bowl of apple core?"

The other kids all burst out laughing and now we have three laughing kids, and one kid who is screaming "Stop" at them and swinging his fist threateningly at his brother, while crocodile tears trickle down his cheeks. This is as I get up to get him his cereal.

Sigh. Best mother ever.

But it was kind of funny. A little.


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