steven cheated at cards tonight and was very not nice about it.

Alright so I just played Monopoly Deal with Steven, and you know what? He cheated and he's totally annoying.

Imagine this, you've decided not to be super competitive and maybe let him not lose to badly. So what does he do? Plays with this manic desperation to win, to the point where he's all cheaty and gloaty and MEAN.

He's all: "Oh hey, look, you've got Board Walk, Park Place, and a house, but I have a card that can steal that entire group of properties from you. So give it over. Oh hey, I have a rent card for that. You owe me 11 million dollars. Oh wait, what? You don't have 11 mil? Well you can just make it up by giving me all your green properties.

Oh yes he did. Cheated his way into winning all seven rounds. I tried to be patient with him, I really did. I didn't even pull his arm hair all that hard.

Then he's all "You know, if you're going to be like that, the next time you say 'Hey, let's play cards,' I'm going to just say no."

Like he can do that.

So then I said "Hey, do you want to play . . . "
To which he interrupted "No."
After which I finished ". . . some super sexy games?"
And he was all "Yeah, that's really what you were going to say."
"Totally was. But you said no, so whatever."

It really works out better when I win.


Regan said…
Oh Tiffany, how I appreciate your humor. Every now and then I come up with the brilliant idea to kick Steve's ass at some card game or another. Sometimes we even battle it out on Mario Kart. I like to let him win now and then. Wouldn't want his manliness in question.
Tiffany said…
That's probably a good idea. Because if we won ALL the time, who would play with, right?

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