honking in parking lots

I honked at someone in the ECVS parking lot today.

I know. Pretty brave. Like I'm walking on the wild side, except that the wild would seem to be the elementary school parking lot.

Yesterday I looped through the parking lot and held up traffic for a while attempting to get back into the loop and when nobody moved I started to get worried that people would think it was my fault (even though there was room to get out, but whatever) and start honking at me, so I left the parking lot and parked on the road, and then had to tromp through the freshly fallen snow, and the parking lot, and the throngs of people to find my kid. In my shorts.

I'm so north end bad ass, I know.

Did you know that when the KKP people go to pick up their kids they have to dress down to do it? It's true. They realize that it's almost 3:30, so they put down their glass of chardonnay (this is true, for real), daintily finish up the last of their 3 o'clock caviar on brand name crackers, and slip out of their ball gowns or suits with tails and into a pair of jeans? I know. Probably a good thing, much less pretentious.

Did you know pretentious is one of my favorite words and I make a point of using it every so often?

The parking at school is atrocious. It wouldn't be so bad if people didn't intentionally mistake the center driving lane for additional parking. One would think that after getting such a kick-ass parking spot each and every day, that one might suddenly realize it's not a real parking spot.

I'm a little sad that I can't rightly justify parking in the new mom spots at stores anymore. I always hope that all the car seats in my big ass minivan are my ticket to parking in those prime spots, but if someone sees me strolling to the store, with my youngest "baby" going on three years old that they'll realize that my momness isn't, well, new.

I know. My days are filled with hardships.

What did I do today? Glad you asked. It's been a while since I've bulleted anything.
  1. i played scrabble. i used weird word in a sentence to prove i knew what it was
  2. i took down a fish tank. i had two fish tanks going, for a total of 40 gallons worth of fish. i'm now down to 30. alright catherine, i'll answer the phone.  everyone else, hang on a sec...
  3. talked to catherine
  4. took kids to school and nursery school. took elliot back to nursery school near the end where she shared in the snack and some extreme parachuting
  5. talked to my mom
  6. bought a couple of new gecko accessories and cleaned that tank. 
  7. dishes. more dishes. a few more dishes.
  8. am now cooking supper and waiting for steven to come home

Did I mention that Steven has started back at school? Today is day two of nine weeks of schooling. He is very excited. I'm sure of it.

I am also sure that I had more to put on here until I broke to start supper and yap on the phone.

Tomorrow I register the smaller son for kindergarten in September. I'm a little sad he'll be going to kindergarten. I'm a little excited he'll be going to kindergarten.

He just seems so teeny. Right now he's pretty content with everyone referring to him as tiny boy (i actually do, and he likes it). I may even go so far as to call him my baby possum when I hug him. It's because he wraps his arms and legs tightly around me and weighs all of eight pounds. He doesn't mind being called baby possum.

I kind of think that when the boys are 18 and 19 and Tennyson is six four, and Mitchell stops growing around five ten he might think it's less cute when Mommy calls him teeny boy.

Where was I?

Right. Today I honked at someone in the school parking lot. Nobody got beat up. I'll be back to blog another day.


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