January, February, Saskatchewan

I had this brilliant idea that I was going to try and blog every day, or almost every day. I blogged two days in a row and then nothing. I'm sure I had something to say, I'm sure it was even hugely entertaining. I'm sure it wasn't.

Ever have a day where you think you'll just start a blog post and you'll figure it out once you get going, and then you start and you just can't figure it out and it's ridiculous but you keep writing anyway and then realize it's really, really, really bad and just delete it once you stop and realize that people actually read this? I do that all the time. Well, not lately. I used to. Lately I just . . .


Ever just feel totally grumpy?

I think I'm one of those seasonal grumpy people. I love summer, fall is okay, Christmas is fun (but stressful, and who doesn't have at least one good cry over the Christmas season, really?), and then this time of year sets in. You know what I mean.

January, February. March to a lesser degree, maybe.

It's like Saskatchewan. Canada is this really cool, beautiful place, where we have every type of terrain and adventure imaginable if you just drive far enough. You really don't need to leave Canada to explore new places and things, and do crazy activities. You just get in the car and go (not that I've ever done this, but I'd like to) - but then there's Saskatchewan. Manitoba is like Christmas (that's right, I said it), Alberta and BC are like spring and summer - so much to do, so much to see, the ocean that you just may be lucky enough to hop into if you didn't have to walk through the nude beach to do so (an entirely different blog post, trust me). But first there's Saskatchewan.

You just have to overcome Saskatchewan. Boring. Dreary. No trees. Even the cows look bored. Everyone does it at night.

If only one could sleep through January and February while your handy driving partner paid all the bills and ferried the kids to and from school everyday.

Whatever. Again.

I know. This is probably one of those posts I should have read after writing and thought, remember, someone might actually READ this, and gone ahead and deleted. But I won't.

Happy Saskatchewan everybody.


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