i'm not sure how to title these random posts. "what i did in 2012, and other musings" or "16 random reasons why i'm awesome" or "my blog has a new post and yours doesn't" or "nobody reads this anymore anyway, but just in case..."

I read Odd Apocalypse on the weekend, and The Lovely Bones yesterday and today. Both good, both heavy.

Now I need something light and fluffy.


I was driving along today and I thought of something really cool about myself that I figured I should probably add to the horribly long and drawn out 100 Things About Me in 2012, but I can't remember what it was. You're probably worse off for it. My apologies.


Tonight I gave Tennyson a hug as I tucked him in and I said "I love you Tennyson," and he said "I love you Mommy." I hugged him a little tighter and was about to let him go and he added, "And I love tacos."

Thanks kid. I'm so glad that your love for me is akin to the feelings you have for tacos. He makes me laugh.


Any new year's resolutions? I really have none either.
Okay, I lied. I resolve to get skinny. There. I said it. The last few years I self-righteously preached "Oh no, don't make resolutions about weight, make them about other things, your mother still loves you . . . blah blah blah." Whatever.


What did I do last year? I see lots of categorized blog posts outlining the years that bloggers just finished. Hopes, dreams, triumphs, babies, trips.

What did I do?

  • I facebooked. 
  • I didn't shake any kids.
  • I wrote a novel that nobody will ever read because it's just that bad. But it was fun to write, and it's fun to glance at and laugh at the badness of it. I highly recommend writing the Big Bad Novel in a Month.
  • I ran a half marathon. I didn't win. A certain friend of mine, whose name I won't name (my daughter calls her something that sounds a little like Taffwin) thinks I really ought to just train to win it. It's a little silly to run all that way and not win. She also has a nine month plan where I write an actual best seller (she offered to help come up with some plot and cool characters). I'll get it done by the end of September so it doesn't interfere with Blogtober or NaNoWriMo. I think I'll hire this friend to be my life coach. :)
  • I turned 29 again. It's seriously like Groundhog Year.
  • I camped my ass off with my adoring family. We spent 16 nights in our camper last summer. 
  • Spray parks, birthday parties, bike rides, lazy days at the park drinking cappuccinos while the kids entertained themselves (I can't wait for summer).
  • I bumped my kids' ages up to 2, 4, 5 and 7, all in the span of 3.5 months. 
  • We got a dog. Steven loves him.
  • I walked/ran a total of 718 miles. Way fewer than the year before. Go me.

I asked Steven "What did we do last year that was kind of a big deal?" His response? A brief look up from the computer and a mumbled; "Hmm. Dunno." Back to the computer.

I'm sure there's more. There must be. I'll think of it one day when I'm driving along in the van.


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