the weekend

We had a fantastic weekend. Yesterday we got up in the morning and loaded the kids into the van before running through the Tim Horton's drive through and sitting at Island Park for a while with the kids. We talked about life and kids while they played and swung and eventually begged to go to the "rock house." The rock house is what they call the pile of rocks at the end of the duck pond. There used to be a fountain there, but now it's just a pile of rocks. The kids love it. They hop around on it from rock to rock and play their make-believe games. They ran around the duck pond, kicking up leaves and making pets of ants. It was a beautiful morning to be outside.

From there we ended up at the library (where all the cool parents go on Saturday) to exchange and renew books. Sobey's and Dollarama was next. The tooth fairy had visited Jordan the night before and she was eager to spend her newly won money.

The rest of the day was spent puttering around at home and getting projects done. Steven painted the garage floor and fixed a dresser. I tidied the house and did laundry. The kids played in the yard and actually cleaned up the basement. Jordan had a play date with a friend.

Today we took the kids to A Maze In Corn south of Winnipeg. It was good! We spent almost five hours getting lost in corn, playing on bales, having a picnic lunch, pony riding, and petting animals. The kids loved it, especially since we met Ange and Jeff and their kids there.

On the way home we stopped at Grandpa and Grandma Verwey's (as known by the kids) house to pick up a tool and ended up having a wiener roast supper. The kids made a fort out of a pile of logs and ran around like crazy, and ate chips and hot dogs (probably more chips than hot dogs), and raked leaves, and found multitudes of lady bugs. We brought them home tonight, tired and dirty and happy.

A perfect Sunday.


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