Only two days until Blogtober!

What is Blogtober? Funny you should ask. I know a lot of you are aware of what blogtober is, but for those of you who are new to the blogosphere (my god I'm cool), Blogtober (otherwise known as "October" to those less-than-cool people) is a month of daily blogging. Each and every day. All your glorious October moments splayed across the internet for my the world's enjoyment.

Join me, fellow bloggers, in the joy that is Blogtober.


Sonya said…
Would've forgot about this. I'm in!
Candice said…
Oh gosh, I COMPLETELY forgot about this... Starts tomorrow, eh?
Tiffany said…
Every group needs a pushy bossy person! Glad to remind everyone that it's time to do this again!

Can't wait to read All your stuff tomorrow!

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