mother of four, kicked out of parenting webpage!

I was forcibly bounced from an internet parenting website. Can you believe it? Me neither. It's okay. I kind of expected to be kicked off the site the other day. I think the groups All Knowing Cult Leader was just waiting for me to give her a reason.

Ten things not to do on an attachment parenting website:
  1. point out that the groups mission statement is self-contradictory.
  2. suggest to a soon-to-be new mom (who is asking advice on what kind of bottles and pumps to buy) that it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy just one can of formula to toss into the back of a cupboard, just in case.
  3. ask whether you could just start gnawing on a placenta while it was still attached to the baby.
  4. make a comment about a placenta in a crockpot with mushroom soup.
  5. defend spanking when necessary
  6. accuse super smart (self important) cult leader of making giant leaps in her comparisons (putting a shock collar on a baby is the same as spanking, since neither is illegal. Seriously?)
  7. post an article that suggests that there is no evidence that spanking causes long-term emotional damage.
  8. join the group just because your friend told you that the crazy group people want to buy chickens and raise them at home. In Transcona.
  9. check in every day for comic relief.
  10. take any of it personally. Seriously, we are not bad mommies because we don't tandem breastfeed our teenagers and their friends.


Regan said…
Wow! That is hilarious! I can just imagine the said cult leader turning a bit placenta red with your posting an article about spanking being O.K.
Tiffany said…
You know, the funny thing is that I don't even really spank that often. We use time-outs, revoking of privileges, etc. usually, but every once in a while I feel like a spanking is necessary. So it wasn't like I was trying to defend a knee-jerk, let's-spank-for-everything reaction. The article just suggested that while a lot of experts recommend against spanking, and that there are lots of other discipline options, that a spank (not to be confused with abuse) is not evidenced to have any long-term, emotional damage to kids.

She wasn't impressed. It got pretty heated pretty fast, and then she deleted me! lol

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