It is 11:05pm. Steven is out in the garage doing random Steven things. I originally thought that he was organizing and cleaning in there. He painted half the garage floor this weekend, which involved moving the entire contents from one half of the garage to the other. Now he has to move everything back to the first half (oh please oh please oh please let this also mean that he organizes enough in there that I can actually park my van in there again) so he can paint the second half tomorrow.

That's what I thought. Then he came wandering in at one point because he wanted to borrow my camera to take a picture of the new, pretty half of the garage before it again looked like a hoarders paradise. A little while later he came in to rummage around for a flashlight so he could dig around in the lightless garden shed for something.

He is easily distracted. I might have to start parking on the wrong side of the garage.


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