tuesday night ramblings

Do you ever come on here and open up a new blog posting window when you really have nothing to say? I do. All the time. As if you couldn't tell.

I ran 7.3 miles today and timed it. It took me exactly 73 minutes. I was pumped. I'm sure that's the best pace for that distance that I've done.

I can hear Steven yelling - "Hey? Hey! In the bathroom! All of you in the bathroom with your toothbrushes."

You know what's even more confusing for a man than a woman? A man who has to decipher the emotional needs of an almost-six year old. Poor guy. I don't know who I feel more sorry for.

Wait, now he made Tennyson cry. Tennyson figures he's now Daddy's minion. Ha.

Now they're all fighting over who had more water in their cup. I'm going to continue to hide out on the internet for a minute. I'm kind of lucky right now. If it was me trying to wrangle four kids who are trying to postpone/escape bedtime I'd likely snare him into helping me.

All I really want to do is go and finish off my bag of easter eggies.

I'm out of here. 10% Tuesday at Sobey's.


Nat said…
When we start getting close to 10% Tuesday, Mark makes us ration food so that we don't need to go food shop until it gets here.

9:00 PM at my place, first Tuesday of the month - it's like Christmas.

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