Spidey Tennyson

Tennyson got Spiderman pjs (or pyjammies, as the kids call them) for his birthday. When he puts them on we pretend that we believe he is actually Spiderman. He gets a kick out of this, and probably thinks we are a little slow.

Me: Look! It's Spiderman, in my house! Yay Spiderman!
T: No, it's Tennyson.
Me: Oh no, you're Spiderman for sure. You can't fool me.
T: No, look!

Then he whips off the webbed hood and proudly presents himself with flourish. It's cute.

Today he was coming from his bedroom and into the bathroom where the other kids were bathing. He had bathed already and was wearing the blue jammie shorts and holding the red shirt. The hood was nowhere to be found.

Me: Hey, it's Spiderman!
T: No, I'm Tennyson.
Me: Oh no, you're not Tennyson. Tennyson is shorter.
T: (big sigh) No, I'm not Spiderman, see?

With that, he drops his pants to his ankles.

I might pee my pants a little just trying to write this.

I left the bathroom to go and laugh myself silly in the hallway.


Deanne said…
Q&L said…
hahaha, ya cause the real spider man doesn't have 'junk'! hahaha
Candice said…

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