roadtrip notes

I came across some notes I was kind enough to make of Steven during a trip into Winnipeg last winter. I thought I'd share them.

Steven doesn't think he's a princess, even though:
  1. it brings him to tears if he has to drink pepsi instead of coke
  2. he never has cash on him when we go through the drive through
  3. he's pouting because I'm losing weight and he is so not.
  4. he needs to have snacks in the van because he could faint while driving and that would be bad. His words.
  5. he's going to start blogging again, just to get even.
  6. "I'm just not gonna talk to you at all if that's the way you're gonna be about it."
  7. quotation fingers
  8. "You're numbering them?"


Sonya said…
No you have it all wrong. Princesses drink Pepsi. And #7 made me laugh out loud!
Tiffany said…
Pepsi? That doesn't seem very royal at all!
Naomi said…
I like pepsi :)
Q&L said…
brings back memories, i'm sure we burned some calories just laughing at his expense back in the day...i mean poor Steven.

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