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I ran this morning. I didn't go at all this weekend, despite having a 10.8 mile route all mapped out. I woke up Saturday morning at 5:30 and I could hear the wind beating the rain against my bedroom window, and trying to rip the roof off my house and I decided to stay wrapped in my nice warm flannel comforter. When I got up at 7 my neck was sore. As the day progressed the pain intensified and extended from in and around my shoulder and up through the right side of my neck. It was the kind of neck pain that prevents head and shoulder movement, and requires that you turn your whole torso slightly when you need to turn and look at something.

Steven massaged my shoulder and back before bed and I opted to turn off the alarm. Sunday - no run, again.

This morning I decided to go, rain or shine, pain or no pain. Luckily, my neck and shoulder (although still sore) had regained a lot of range of movement so I sucked it up and went. I didn't do too badly - 7.3 miles in 78 minutes, with one pit stop.

I'm going to get my biggie in this weekend for sure. My loosely-followed training schedule dictates that I should be running a long run of 9 miles this week. I'm still ahead of that. I would actually be shooting for more than 11 this coming Saturday, so I've lost a little headway, but I'm still actually ahead of the recommended advanced beginner marathon schedule. Yay me!

I've also decided to add some biking in to my exercise routine. I'm plateauing my ass off these last few weeks. I'd love to finish off this weight-loss ticker, and possibly lose another five. I wouldn't even worry too much about that next five, but I definitely want to finish this ticker before July.

Although, the running is definitely more about the running and less about the weight these days. It's cool when I can add another mile on or do it just a little faster.

This running thing? Rocks!


Q&L said…
you are doing extremely well with the running and you look great whether you lose another lb or not.
Tiffany said…
Aw, you're so sweet.
Jen said…
You are awesome. I'm really impressed with your running. Someday I hope to have half your endurance. :)

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