No, my secret alias is not Mia.

MIA = missing in action. I have been avoiding posting on here. Why? Because I don't have a ton of stuff to write about. Also, I've discovered that my blog is being followed by a couple of people I'm not related to. Although I'm super excited about it, I'm also a little intimidated!

Sounds silly, I know.

Hear me out. You know how you can be a teenager (I'm not a teenager, we're just being hypothetical) and have big thick coke bottle glasses, zits all over your face, big baggy pants and a baggy sweatshirt hiding the rolls hidden underneath and a perm that went very very wrong and is now only curly on ONE SIDE and your mom still tells you you're beautiful and she'd love to trade faces with you? You know how that feels? You don't have to question it too much, because she's your mom and you know she's probably a little biased. Blogging is a little like that. Until now, only my friends have read my blog. I could get on here and illiterately blunder about, yapping about my kids, their poo, their drawings, their tantrums, their slides down the snow hill and people keep reading. Because they like me outside of the blog universe. They feel compelled to follow my drivel.

Now it has to be good or I'll be kicked out of google readers everywhere! It's a little daunting. I need to jazz this place up. Maybe a little nudity. Not mine.

And seriously (yes yes, I know "seriously" has sort of become my word. Go with it will ya?) - remember when I posted that picture of my backside? You remember, I was complaining about my lack of willpower while at the same time gushing over the deliciousness of the big greasy burger that had just been my second dinner?


I laughed to myself as I put that on there, imagining my friends rolling their eyes at me, knowing that wasn't really me and that I'd never really shove my body into a shirt that accentuated my butt quite like that if it was me. Nobody said a word. That's right, originally I thought I was being funny, until nobody got the joke. This leads me to believe one frighting truth:

In real life I really look like that and all this time I've been deluding
myself into thinking that I'm smaller than I am.


You all thought it was a pretty lame joke. My bad.


Sonya said…
Funny picture - but seriously waaaaaaay off from what you look like. You look incredible Tif - and I'm being totally honest! Nice picture on this post - I do believe I have a copy of that one. ;0)
Tiffany said…
Thanks! Imagine if we compiled our high school photos? It would be too painful. Notice I'm not smiling in that one? I remember thinking "I'm going to have a serious picture this year." Ha! Seriously ridiculous! lol
Tiffany said…
Oh yeah - and no more commenting on the "butt picture" - now that I said it, it's like total blatant compliment fishing!
Ange said…
I love reading your blog! It's always entertaining and way way better than mine. So, keep writing, we want more!

PS: nice butt! yours, that is.
roverT said…
I am not related, nor do I know you...I might not even like you (how would I know). But I do enjoy reading your blog, especially the "yapping about my kids, their poo, their drawings, their tantrums, their slides down the snow hill..." Keep it up!
Candice said…
You have to remember...People, whether related to you or not, follow your blog because they thinks its great. So why change, really? We all like it just the way it is.

So keep it coming.

Apparently I missed my chance to comment on your back end. So I won't.
Q&L said…
Nothing wrong with a little bit of booty, in some cultures that image is adored...lol...seriously.
Of course we knew that wasn't your rear end, don't think Mennonite girls have the ability to grow those kinds of assets...bubblicious :)
I am.... said…
Gee, was I the only one that really thought that was your ass..ets in your earlier blog? he he Just kidding. You look so great. I only wish I looked as good as you do. You rock.

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