oh useless me

Some days I get so much done. Yesterday I made my bed (i usually do), picked up all the stuff on the floor all over the house, vacuumed everything, scrubbed all three bathrooms, did a bunch of dishes, hung some pictures, wiped things, gathered lots of garbage from all our various garbage cans, made supper, etc. It was a very productive day. Today, not so much.

It is a very useless day. I haven't made my bed, showered, changed out of my slacker clothes, cleared the table from lunch, taken out meat for supper, nothing. Nada. Zip. I know what I should be working on, and believe me, it's quite a list! Instead, I check facebook for the 94th time, upload some pictures, check my wall again. There's nothing there, so I play some solitaire and try to think of something to blog about. Drawing a blank. Now I'm blogging about my slacker day.

Hope everyone else is getting more done than I am!


Sounds like you did enough on the first day to deserve a slacker day...maybe even two! I think every day I have is a slacker day!

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