oh chubby chubby me

I have been so bad lately. It seems that we have had gathering after birthday party after miscellaneous event. Each time there is dessert, and lately I have either been making desserts to bring or hosting these things at my house. The end result is the same - I have lots of leftover dessert in my fridge. It would help if it was stuff I didn't like, but nooooo, everything is delicious! Mere days ago, the fridge tally was as such:
  • 4 big pieces of carrot cake with cream cheese icing
  • almost 3 pumpkin pies
  • 4 slices of apple pie
  • 2 pieces of cherry cheesecake
We are now down to one pumpkin pie. If you do the math, these means I ate A LOT of dessert in the last few days. Not that Steven didn't have a share in it, but I'm no lightweight when it comes to matching people bite for bite. I admit, I really like to get the big piece when a dessert is cut up!

The madness must end. When I was nursing, I was losing weight like crazy, without really trying. I have since stopped nursing and gained back three of my lost pounds. I won't say where I started, or what I am now, but I'm only down 8 pounds. This is not good. To my credit, I'm down 8 pounds from what I was before I got pregnant with Tennyson, that part makes me happy. The part that makes me sad (wow, such profound word choices today) is that before I got pregnant with Tennyson I was up 17 pounds from where I was when I met Steven. You see my pickle.

I have a plan. I don't like the idea of crash dieting, but I really want to jump start some further weight-loss. My plan is to lose 5 pounds in the next two weeks. That's November 2nd. Crazy? Maybe. But if I can actually do some exercising and maybe cut out the extravagant desserts and constant flow of pop, it may happen.

Wish me luck!


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