oh early early day

8:34 AM - It's so early. Normally I wouldn't complain about being up at 8:30, if I had only gotten up now. As it stands, I've been up over an hour already! I don't know what to do about these monstrous children. Jordan absolutely refuses to nap. There is no way. I know some might read this and say "jeez, just make her." Those of you who actually know Jordan are going "jeez, that's tough." If she would just lay down for a few minutes, she'd fall asleep. It's not like she's not tired! But there is no forcing her to lay down. I miss her crib! Tennyson too - equally monstrous today. He was whining and moaning at 7 already this morning. Steven and I laid in bed for a little while, not sure if we were waiting each other out or hoping that Tennyson would go back to sleep but in the end we all ended up getting up for the day. Remember the days when we used to sleep until noon? What happened to that?


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