happy halloween

Today was Halloween. It was actually a lot of fun. Steven and I took Jordan trick or treating from 4-6 to our relatives houses, and then Steven went to work and Jordan and I joined Angela and Jamin, and Heather, Keegan and Shelby and went out a little longer. Jordan was a purple dragon again this year. I love when I can reuse stuff. Tennyson was a white bunny with pink ears and a pink belly. Poor kid, so not masculine. Not to mention the leotards . . .

As I was saying, I really enjoyed the day with my daughter. This afternoon as Steven was napping I got her busy coloring, which then evolved into a lesson in colors (she pretty much knows them anyway, but I want her to not have to try so hard to remember them). From there we did some shapes. This was kind of new, she knows what a heart is, and she recognizes a circle as a "round." This is from running around and around in circles in the living room, or her bedroom, or the basement, or around the island. She likes to run in circles, wonderfully nutty kid. And as she does it she yells, all winded and flushed, "mommy I'm runnin'" and I reply "yes you are" and she's all happy about this. I'm happy about it too, because when she's running she isn't filling bathroom sinks precariously with water, or helping herself to the contents of my fridge. She's big into the fridge lately, she also loves the water cooler. Anyway, we spent about an hour with a few sheets of paper and 96 crayons. I remember why I never took art, I'm also thrilled that she's really overjoyed when she can recognize what I draw, I'm sure she thinks I'm amazing. She's also getting better at colouring. Okay, so I'm not going to lie and say that she colours in the lines, but instead of scribbling like a maniac all over the paper she now keeps it over the thing she wants to colour. She's trying to assume some control over her frantic colouring. Let's see if I can scan a picture of her picture on here . . .

Okay, so she's not exactly Monet (yet), but you'll notice that the scribbles are definitely specific to certain shapes and areas of the paper! It's not just everywhere. As her mother, I am pretty happy about this. For those of you whose kids have been doing this since they were 10 months old and tying their own shoes - go read someone else's blog. For those of you with normal kids who scribble, let's rejoice! And Jordan's so busy. In the past any time I've tried to get her to sit for any length of time to do this kind of thing it usually deteriorated into throwing the crayons around. She's been changing so much lately, she never ceases to amaze me. She chats so much with me too, she's become very conversational. It's funny, it wasn't that long ago Steven and I were competing to try and get her to say either "Mama" or "Dadda" first. Now she tells me what she did yesterday, and asks if Bubba can come over tomorrow. I lay down with her for a minute at night to sing songs and I coach her a bit and ask her what we did that day. I love watching her try to remember stuff - and she does!

I know she had lots of fun trick or treating, and I had fun with her. It's really cool how enjoyable it is to spend time with my two year old.

To get off topic a bit, I'm worried that she's going to start being scared of stuff. The downfall of Halloween was that some costumes people were wearing scared her. There were a few times when she wouldn't go to a door until someone in a scary mask was gone. One lady who was handing out treats was pretty proud of pipe-cleaner spiders she had made and was putting them into the bags with the candy. Jordan was so not impressed. She set her bag down and wanted me to take the spider out. Not to play with, but to throw away! She was pretty bothered by it. And tonight after she had been put in bed and the lights were out she called out to me "Mommy I need you." I went to her and in the dark I asked what was the matter. She said "There spiders in my room." I turned the light on and she was sitting in the middle of her bed. I asked her to show me where the spiders were, and I think she was actually quite surprised that there weren't any. She looked around herself for a moment before telling me that they were on her. I assured her that there weren't any spiders, and that the one in her bag was just a toy. She was a little skeptical, but eventually laid back down and went to sleep without any more problems. I guess part of growing up is having imagination to scare yourself. I suppose it isn't all shapes and scribbles!

My topics shifted around in this post, but I guess to sum it up - I really enjoy my daughter.
I now feel guilty because I don't blog much about Tennyson. In no way is it because I don't love him as much, because I am so in love with him too. He's a great baby. I think it's because Jordan is doing so much stuff that is new, and as Tennyson starts doing new things and hitting new milestones, they are things that she did already and it's not really new for us. I know, bad us. Maybe if he'd hop up off the floor and start colouring over my shapes . . .

Happy Halloween everyone!


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