monday, monday

Back to the grind this frigid January morning. It took me 15 minutes to get to the babysitter's from my house because I had to follow a snow plow all the way down crescent at 12kph. I'm not even kidding. You can imagine the wonderful lessons in road rage that I'm teaching my kids. 

I finally parked at the high school (on time actually, bc road rage pays). As I was walking in, I noticed kids wearing sneakers and thought that boots would be warmer, but being that they would be inside all day, it wasn't surprising. 

Because teenagers aren't really that dumb. Right?

Until I noticed the number of them arriving at school WITH NO JACKETS on. What is wrong with people? You do not look cool! You look like idiots!

The windchill right now is -37! 

My kids will lose serious rights and privileges if I ever catch them running around without fricking winter jackets. 

(Super fun aside: the other day Elliot was storming around the hall, angry because someone locked her out of the main bathroom. I told her to go to the other one. Her angry little reply? "I WANT a drink of WATER and there's NO FRIGGIN' CUP!" I had to force down laughter as I gave her some serious friggin' crap for her language).

Where was I? Right. Jackets. It's Manitoba. It's January. Grow some brains. Jeez. 

I have prep right now, which you wouldn't think a sub would need first thing in the morning (or ever, really), except that there are random stacks of paper all over this desk, and a post-it that says "assignments here, instructions on board..."

There are no instructions on the board. 

My "prep" was actually kind of necessary to figure out which class gets which part of the random stacks of paper. 

Also, I kind of hope the kids all know how to do this, because it's been roughly twenty years since I have done trig. 

It smells like curry in this classroom. Of course you're thinking "well yeah, why wouldn't it smell like curry in a grade 9 math room after two and a half weeks of inoccupation?"

There is nothing like the smell of curry at 8:30 in the morning to get a person excited about the day. 

There is also no Kleenex in here. Maybe I'm part of an experiment. 


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