lazy at-home saturday

We are having the laziest Saturday ever, and I love it. We had no soccer at 9 this morning, and I skipped my 7am bootcamp class because I coughed myself awake all night, and sleeping in until 9 was nice. We told the kids we would take them sledding or snowshoeing or something this morning since we had no soccer, but it's now 2:30pm and we haven't done much of anything. No laundry. No floors. No bathrooms.

I'm supposed to get groceries and bake a cake some point today, so I suppose we will have to move around eventually.

My kids have been running all over the house today, playing some sort of all-house games, alternated with a little bickering, and they seem to enjoy the day at home.

Our weeks are pretty busy between school, gymnastics, soccer and piano lessons, and pajama Saturdays are a welcome break.

This is what they're up to right now. Jordan has been reading all day. All. Day. Lately it's the Percy Jackson series. I'm glad she found a new series she likes. She was so sad when she finished the Harry Potter series that she went back and read it all again. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure she finished the last Percy Jackson today.
The boys are kind of all over the place. You'll notice the dresser sitting behind the boys in this picture. Steven is ripping apart the other half of the basement so we can put some bedrooms down there and give the kids their own rooms! The boys actually want to stay together, but I think we'll go ahead and split them up anyway, just to make bedtimes and mornings easier. The other option would be to let them be together, leaving a spare room for me to hang out in with my books and computer and maybe a fluffy chair.
Elliot digging for something in a toy bucket. You'll see more "stuff" in this picture. More of the contents from the other half of the basement. Also, I just love bookshelves. With books. So pretty.

Aaaaany minute now, I'm going to make a shopping list. Maybe, probably...


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