i should never really surf amazon

I really should never really surf Amazon, because then I want things. I know I probably should have come up with this before Christmas, but how awesome does this look:

Each page has a date (minus the year), and a question about your day, what you think about something, how you feel about something, etc. Following that, there are five places to enter an answer. You fill in the first one. Then the next day you fill in the first answer on the next page, and when you get to the end of the book, you go back to the beginning and fill in the next blank under the same question. There are 365 days. Cool eh?

I saw this at school today, and I want it too:

The book is made up of literally, 642 things to write about, and writing space for each of them. It is literally, English homework for grownups! I know! You are all clicking the link right now and ordering it!

Why is it that I always have a way better wish list in January than I do in November?


Hes said…
I love the journal book. Great idea, would be fun to look back over the past years answers and see how your perspective has changed. I like that it's short and sweet - easy to journal every day when it's not a chore. Order me one too please!!
Hes said…
The English homework for adults book..... not so much.
Tiffany said…
Do you really want me to order you one? Because then I would HAVE to order one, instead of not ordering one because I feel bad for spending money in January. And if I order 2 then we won't have to pay shipping and you could just pay me for yours when you come next Saturday!!

Also, yay someone read my blog! lol
Pamela said…
ok...I totally LOVE that Q & A journal book! Wouldn't it make the perfect 18th birthday present?! To capture a snapshot for each day from ages 18-23? So much will change in those years...like finishing high school and living at home...to choosing a career...to possibly even dating or *ack* getting married and moving out. I may have to think of getting this for Kiandra for her birthday. Thanks for sharing it!

Have you seen the Listology book...it's a whole journal of lists: http://www.amazon.ca/Listography-Journal-Your-Life-Lists/dp/0811859088

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