Getting rid of baby sister, and missing out on Oreos

Elliot comes up from the basement, her face lit up with excitement. "Mommy!" She says, "Tennyson and Mitchell said you have treats hidden for me!"

I take her little face in my hands. "Aw honey, I don't," I say. "I think they just made that up."

Her brows furrow as realization sets in. "They were just trying to make me go away?"

I nod. "Yep. That's not very nice is it?"

She shakes her head no. 

"You know what?" I say, "I'll find you a treat. Just for you."

Elliot skips around my feet, delighted, "and not Tennyson and Mitchell?" She is practically glowing with her newfound privilege. 

"Nope," I say, before rummaging through the cupboard and giving her two Oreos. 

The boys have since realized what has happened and the dialogue drifting up the basement stairwell sounds downright mutinous. 

Stinkers had it coming. 


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