run run rudolph

Steven finished school on Friday.

Remember nine weeks ago when I vowed that on Steven's first day back at work I was going to get up at the crack of before-dawn and run outside?

One should never vow anything.

Whatever. I'll do it. My "training" has been really pathetic this year. I actually started running a few days a week for a couple of weeks, and then I got hit by this really awesome plague that ended up being diagnosed as strep throat six days after it started. I spent that entire week on the couch before some really awesome doctors gave me some really awesome meds (three different prescriptions, par-tay) and I finally kicked it, but in the process I kind of forgot I was supposed to be running four or five times a week. Oops.

Whatever. Right. Monday.

My friend Sherri, who is a little nuts (side note - I once got shit from a university prof for all my super fun coma splices. for a while i was coma allergic after that, good thing i got over it...), wants to get up at 5:55 tomorrow and meet me at the track. Yay!

What happened to lazy weekends? Now we all have kids who actually have events on the weekends. Now if we want to run on a Sunday we have to get up at 5:55. When it's nice enough to run outside I generally get up around 5:30, but on Sundays when the husband is home it's considerably later.

You know what else isn't helping me feel overly athletic tonight? Steven made supper. It was a chicken casserole with some kind of super healthy white sauce and noodles and pounds of cheese baked in the oven. It is total comfort food. I'm so totally uncomfortably full. I should probably fitnesspal for a while if I don't want to plot along the 13 miles like an overfed Quasimodo.


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