come on people!

I was driving down Saskatchewan Ave., all four kids in the back. We had decided to go for donuts and find Daddy and say hi to him before heading home. You can tell how excited we are about being in the house after the 19 months of winter we've just had. We were parked at a red light at Royal road and the light turned green. The light ahead turned green. Traffic was so backed up (I know, weird phenomenon for Portage) that it took a minute for everyone to get going, and we were just sitting in the middle of the intersection waiting.

"Oh come on people," I exclaimed.

"Mommy!" scolded Jordan.


"Don't say that!" she said.

"I didn't say anything bad!" I responded. Often the kids will hear me say something and assume I've said "Dumb, stupid, crap, ass, etc." - all of which are bad words.

"Don't say 'come on people,'" she said.

I laughed. "Why?"

"Because then I get used to it, and I say it, and then I get in trouble."

I started to laugh. "Alright kid, tell the story."

She fought to hide her grin. "I can't. It's silly. You'll think it's silly."

"Okay, now you have to tell."

Jordan was standing at attention listening to "Oh Canada" playing over the intercom system. Being that schools put loads of effort and money into keeping the intercom system working properly, the song was cutting in and out intermittently. "Ooooh Canada . . . . ative lan . . . love, in all our sons comma . . . "

Finally, Jordan exclaimed, loud enough for the teacher to hear "Oh Come On People!"

And yes, she did get in trouble. And apparently this is my fault because I may say this in traffic from time to time.

I love this kid.


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