spring break wednesday

This morning Mitchell stuck a cinnamon heart candy up his nose. Then he cried, less because he had something stuck up his nose, and more because it was starting to melt and burn.

I really shouldn't laugh, and I didn't really laugh a little in front of him, while it was all happening.

We are on day three of Spring Break. I'm generally pretty excited for a week off from school. I am not, however, happy that there are still feet of sloppy white snow outside. Last year we had our Easter egg hunt outside in the grass. This year we'll just scatter stuff around our house. I guess. Maybe I ought to go out and buy a few things.

On Monday we hung out here and in the afternoon Jordan went to play at a friend's house. Yesterday my mom and I took the kids swimming all afternoon. Today I  brought all four of them to diaper gym. Nothing says fun like an almost eight-year-old kicking around giant balls (and yes she can hit the light fixtures with the ball. in a gymnasium. where the lights are 80 feet from the ground) around a bunch of toddlers.

I'm not sure what we'll do the rest of the week. Hanging around at home is nice, until the biting starts. The kids are so tired of these walls already. I can't wait for actual spring. I know, I know, I could slap some rubber boots on them and we could wander around and look for water or a blade of grass peeking out from an icy, muddy snowbank, but I doubt we'll find any.

On Friday we've got an Easter gathering at my Grandma Q's house. It'll be fun. Lots of kids, lots of food (I'm bringing a pizza), we'll probably keep the kids up too late so Mommy can finish playing (and losing) her games with family. It's okay. I'm kind of thinking that on Saturday I'll come up with a reason to ditch the minions with Steven for a few hours so I can . . . reflect on the wonderful week of togetherness I've had with the kids.

The sun is actually shining. If I wasn't so lazy I'd go find those rubber boots.


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