spring break thursday

Alright seriously. Whose idea was it to give the kids an entire week off from school? Really. This was a poorly planned  . . . well, plan.

We spent two hours in the snow at island park yesterday. I never wanted to be one of those "I'm gonna entertain my kids" moms, because I really think that left to their own devices, kids imaginations take over and they learn to entertain themselves. Entertaining oneself is an important life skill, especially for people with no iPhones. Everybody else should know how to keep themselves occupied without biting the person nearest them. Honestly.

Right, yesterday. The morning at playgroup, a couple of hours at home, then two hours in the snow. Today? I decide I want one day at home where I actually get to just bum around my house and not entertain my children . . . well. How dumb was that?

You know what it is? It's the never-ending winter. This is the winter that Just. Won't. Die. What is it? Last year farmers were combining by now. This year? Ha! I dare you to find a combine.

And really, is it to much to ask that a mother be able to lay in the bath in the middle of the day without the house falling apart around her? My bathroom (when I'm in the tub) is one of two things: a meeting place for everybody in the house, or a panic room where I am alone and nobody comes in. Which is worse? You tell me. Remember all those game pieces we sorted back into their rightful boxes the other day? Unsorted. Remember the laundry that used to be on people? Off. Remember the kids that had fewer sibling-inflicted injuries before I got into the tub? Right. I actually took the youngest in the tub with me, and nothing says relaxing Thursday afternoon bath like a kid who thinks it's hilarious to squirt water at you out of her bulging cheeks, and the rest of the kids just wandered around the house and messed stuff up.

I really had thought I had thrown out the giant cannister of craft odds and ends. Can anyone tell me what all the little tinfoil shapes are good for anyway? What on earth? In my house they live dormant in the cannister until someone drops the cannister, and then it's like a shattered ant farm, shiny, glittery star and moon shaped ants fleeing through the house and settling in every nook and cranny therein.


Really, I do like having them home. But I am beyond ready for spring. Actually, screw spring, I think we ought to wake up to summer tomorrow. And maybe school.


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