i run for burgers and blizzards

I had a blog post in my head. It was clever and witty and super fun and all, and then someone texted me and POOF it's gone. It's really hard being me sometimes.

I went to the track this afternoon and walked a few laps, ran six miles, walked a few more laps and ran another half mile. My six mile chunk took me 62 minutes. I was beyond psyched about it. I haven't run six miles all at once since before the snow.

What? Are you wondering if I kind of took the winter off?

Why, yes I did. It's been a weird winter.

Whatever. I ran six miles in 62 minutes. It almost feels like I could slide right back into my runner-ness. I may just do that. My plan is to run outside at 5:45am on the very first Monday Steven doesn't have to leave the house at 6:20, and run my regular six mile route. I time it perfectly for the run without walking. Being back in time for Steven to get to work by seven and not be late is awesome motivation for not walking.

Ever read "running blogs?" Basically people chart their runs and splits (it's all very boring and I really just skim over them) and take pictures of their food all day.

For the love of all that is holy, I wish people would stop posting pictures of their snacks on the internet. I'm sorry, but it's really not all that interesting. I mean, I could just snap pictures of all the granola bars and garlic sausage (do you know what they say about garlic sausage?) I eat and put it online, but seriously, why?

Right. I ran.

Then I came home and showered forever. It's a good thing I use the track when it's free, because I'm pretty sure that in this family of six, half the water bill is mine alone.

Then we put the kids to bed.

Then Steven went out to buy supper (I really was just planning on nuking some pizza pops, I mean, chopping up a salad, but he's very high maintenance lately) and came home with DQ burgers and blizzards.

We are so bad.

He's all (I really don't talk like this): "I sit in a chair at school all day and actually gain weight even between snacks right now because I'm not jack hammering floors or carrying tools up ladders all day, but let's eat blizzards."

And I'm all (you really shouldn't start sentences with and, but it's okay if I do it): I just ran six miles for the first time in a year. Quick! Replace the calorie deficit!

And we're both all: "We just really can't figure out why we don't look like Brad and Angelina...

Ever see Mr. & Mrs. Smith? It's awesome. I own it. I know there are people who won't watch it because it's the big bad movie that set it up for Brad to be lured away by Angelina, but seriously, have you seen that movie? I'd have left that Friends girl for Angelina too.

Right. Where was I?

I do have some other things I keep meaning to blog about, but I get distracted by things like scrabble and books and other such highly intellectual things. I'm also lazy. And tired. Good night.


Candice said…
lol You are awesome.

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