beam me up!

Sometimes, when I check into the internet to read a ton of different blogs, check facebook, and update my word count on my NaNoWriMo page, I wonder if there's a little bit of a dork in me.

The other day Jordan brought home a beginner reader book about a bookworm. In her little book the worm is literal, and it eats words, and pages, and entire books. I excitedly told her what a bookworm actually referred to, and was a little disappointed when her joy didn't match mine at the prospect.

Sure I'm past the stage where I have X-Files posters on my wall and Star Trek binders stuffed full of laminated episode guides, and maybe coasters with all the different Federation as well as enemy ships on them, but still - I love a good science fiction movie.

I was watching Big Bang Theory tonight, and the show poked fun of someone's Blog, and I thought Hey! I have a blog! Why are they making fun of blogs? Oh, okay.

I'm totally cool. Like, totally.


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