two questions:

  1. when your four year old heads off to an outhouse at a soccer game with a slice of pizza in hand do you holler at him not to take his dinner into the outhouse with him or do you just pretend you're oblivious to the cheesy sticky mess about to accompany him into the disgusting little box?
  2. when your four year old exits an outhouse without his slice of pizza and then remembers it and turns to go back in and fetch it, do you allow it?

Thought so.


Neodad said…
1. Holler, scream and, in necessary, deliver a flying tackle to make it stop. You are mom. Roar.

2. Becomes irrelevant after 1.
Neodad said…
Sorry, if necessary.
Tiffany said…
No apology necessary! lol. Little boys anyway.

I could have flying tackled him, but I didn't want to get my own pizza all pooey.

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